Friends and Neighbors
Our Neighbors
Our Friends
Ron and Joyce Klee
My friend Charles Alcorn.
Charles builds computers,
repairs computers and installs
software. If you need work
done, call me and I will hook
you up with him.
My real good friend Guy
Moise and his late wife Peggy.
Joan and our neighbor
Linda enjoying
Dungeness Crab!
Linda with her two
lovely grandaughers
Rheanna and Raya.
My bueno amigo and
neighbor Ernesto
Rodriguez, famous
HOT Chili Salsa maker!
Neighbors Teri and Dan
Root greet their son
Nathan returning after
his first day of
Our neighbors Cheryl
and Gerry, who live
Cheryl and Gerry's
daughters, Michelle
and Kelly.
Gerry and Cheryl Gronke's 'Little
China Doll' grandaughter Jillian
My Next Door Neighbor
Jim Fischer. (That's a
can of Duff beer on the
The Fischer's dog and
my good buddy Effie
dog biscuits when she
was living.was living.
Joyce Klee and Joan
October 29, 2009
March 08, 2004
Dan, Jeff, Evan, Nathan and Teri Root
Nathan's new
Teri with her new
Houghton Lake in the winter.
My friend Chris Turner who
lives in England and his new
grandson William 'Will' Turner.
The Fischer's new dogs
Blaize the pointer
My longtime hockey buddy
Mike Villemure and his wife
My longtime hockey buddy