My Wife
Joan Toepfer
My Daughter
Tracy Toepfer
My Dad
Perry E.Toepfer
My Mom
June Toepfer
My Late Son
Eric Toepfer
My Son In law Chip Hadler
and his daughter
Carrie Hadler
My Daughter
Tracy Toepfer
and husband
Chip Hadler
My sister in law
Donna Kelley
My sister in law
Gloria Jacobs
and husband Max
My Grandparents Ralph and Gusty Handler
shown above and below
My mother June and
mother in law
Ramona Schaefer
My great nephew
Tyler Lafata, Donna's
The Toepfers Left to Right
Grandpa Charlie, Grandma Barbara, Uncle Leonard,
Dad and Uncle Meyrl
Dad on Left and uncle Meyrl second from right.
My mom the flapper on the front fender.
My niece Debbie and my great nephew Ryan Burnett
Carrie Hadler
My Great Nephew Perry
My Great Nephew Perry's
grandpa Tom, my little brother
My son Eric at 18 mos.
All the Perrys: Perry R. Toepfer, Perry E. Toepfer,
Perry Middaugh and Nick Perry Toepfer
My Great Nephew Perry with
aunt Lisa, my niece.
The Middaughs: Tim, Perry, My niece Amy,
Jaxtin and Alyssa
My daughter in law Michelle, her
husband Mike and our grandchildren.
Grand Haven High School J.V. Soccer Team. GO BUCS!
Spence, Rachael and
Nick first day of school
Spencer's broken clavicle (aka the collar
bone) Last year in soccer
grandsons Perry and